YOKE - Hand made pine carrier for buckets. Fits on the shoulder. About 41 inches long, with rope supports and hand forged iron hooks. Similar to one shown in figure 980, page 223 of EACF. Contact us for availability. #YOKE $95.00 each

SUNDIAL COMPASS - We have a very well made copy of a brass pocket device which can be use both for determining direction and time (when the sun is shining). This is about 2-1/2 inches in diameter and has a folding gnomon and a friction fitted cover. You can see a similar compass illustrated in figure 5, page 89 CENC.  #SUND $30 each

EYEGLASSES - These replicas of late 18th century glasses can be used as sunglasses (UV 400) or your optometrist can insert your prescription lenses. Measures 5 inches wide at the front with 1-3/16 inch lenses. A ribbon or string can be tied to the rearmost ends of the temple pieces. See items 11 - 13 on page 347 of CENC.  #SPEC3 $30.00 each

BONE DICE - Gambling among military soldiers is and was, a fact of life.
We offer a pair of hand made bone dice, approximately a half inch square. #DICE - $3.50 a pair

SHOE HORNS - Probably as long as there were shoes, one might find shoe horns to help put on tight shoes.  An illustration of a typical shoe horn can be found at figure 14, page 121 of  CENC. These are genuine buffalo horn in various natural color combinations. Approximately 6 to 7 inches long. #SHHN -  $8.00 each

TEN INCH SCISSORS - After several years of frustrating searching, I
believe I am now able to offer reasonably priced, 18th century period
style scissors to the ladies and gentlemen of the 18th century
reenacting hobby. My research has shown that virtually all of the
scissors of the period had finger loops of equal size. There are many
examples found in 18th century archaeological sites. Similar scissors
are illustrated in "Smith's Key", a salesman's book of engraved cutlery
samples, dated 1816. These are well made, polished and both symmetrical
blades come to points. They measure ten inches long and the insides of
the finger loops are one inch wide by an inch and an eighth long.
Significantly, these have NO markings on them at all. One or two of
these items can be sent for the special shipping rate of just $4. #SCS2
$10.00 each
OAK TENT PEGS (or Pins) - These 9 inch long items are cut from 3/4 inch thick oak based on Washington’s marquee pegs displayed at the Valley Forge Historical Society. The angles on the top are there to minimize splintering. According to custom, wood articles such as these should not
be struck with iron, but with wood mallets only, so as to prolong their useful life. #TPEG $12.00 dozen

TENT STAKES - For anchoring larger tentage such as marquees, we now offer these oak stakes. Rope notches similar to those on our smaller tent pegs, to minimize splitting. Two lengths, both cut from 1 ½ by ¾ inch stock. 11 inches long #TSTK11 $1.50 each; 17 inches long #TSTK17 $1.75 each

“IRON” BUCKLE - We now offer a one inch buckle in raw (unplated) steel.
This replaces the previous similar buckle which had a hand forged
finish. #BKS1 - 3 for $1.25 or 5 dozen for $20.
SMALL STEEL SQUARE BUCKLE - Another plain steel buckle with NO modern plating . This square buckle is for 5/8 inch straps. If your project requires a rectangular shaped buckle, perhaps you prefer this one over the one offered with a rounded look.
BK5RQ - 3 for $1.00 or 5 dozen for $17.
SMALL STEEL BUCKLE - After an extensive search, we have found a plain steel buckle with NO modern plating to fool with. This buckle for 5/8 inch straps has only a thin oil finish left over from the manufacturing
process which will quickly disappear and allow it to rust naturally. Or if you prefer, it will take on a nice patina. Anyway, folks find many uses for these; for knapsacks, garters, whatever your fancy strikes you.
Priced very economically. BK5R - 3 for $1.00 or 5 dozen for $17.
FOUR GLASS LANTERN - A handsomely made 16 inch high by 5 inch square lantern, handmade of tin plate with 4 glass panes which measure 5 by 9. A triangular lantern dated 1740-1800 with a similar conical top appears
in figure 313 of EACF. #LAN6 $44.00 each

THREE GLASS TIN  LANTERN - See figure 313 of EACF for a very similar item. Measurements are 6 inches wide and 11 inches tall, not including the loop handle. Includes 4 wires across the non-opening glass sides.
#LAN7 - $35.00 each

CANDLES - These off white paraffin candles measure about 8 inches long
by 7/8 inch diameter. By our actual test, they can last up to 8 hours.
Will fit our lanterns shown above and many other replica lanterns.
#CANDL4 $1.00 for two.

SPANISH PLAYING CARDS (NAIPES TIPO ESPANOL) - For a really unique experience, try these cards. Suites are swords, cups, coins and clubs (as used to bash in heads). Each suite has 12 numbered cards, the last
three being face cards; knave, cavalier and king. There are also two spares for a total of 50 cards. These are not antique replicas but are modern cards which are put up in a plastic box. #SPLC $8.00 each
AESOP'S PLAYING CARDS - These English cards have a great moral lesson from the great Greek philosopher on each card. Although not illustrated therein, such cards are mentioned in A HISTORY OF PLAYING CARDS. #APLC $10.00 each
ENGLISH PLAYING CARDS - These GREAT MOGUL brand cards by I. Hardy were made under the sponsorship of George III and the package wrapper is so marked. An excellent color reproduction which is virtually identical to a deck partially illustrated on page 114 of A HISTORY OF PLAYING CARDS. #EPLC $10.00 each
MORE ENGLISH PLAYING CARDS - For those of you who want a less expensive deck of cards without the fancy wrapping, these are for you. These colorful replicas represent copies of cards printed by Bamford of London, circa 1750. Although the cards at that time had no jokers, the makers of the cards have added them so that more modern games may be played with them. #MEPC $6.00 each
GERMAN PLAYING CARDS - Finally, those of you who enjoy representing the
Teutonic branch of culture, we have these exquisitely done cards. These
represent the highest state of the printmaker's craft, actually dating
as early as the late 16th century. The originals were designed and
executed by one Jost Amman and we think you will agree they are a
handsome creation. The suites represent printers ink pads, jars, cups
and books. You will note the strong association with the printer's
trade. #GEPC $6.00 each
SMOKING PIPES - Years ago, when we first started this business, we offered an English made pipe, proper to the period 1750-1790. In fact the pipes at that time were being made in a mold dated 1715 and were so marked. We are happy once again to offer this pipe, albeit without the markings. A pipe of this exact style is illustrated in CENC, page 244 figure 1c. #PIPE01, $10.00 each
DUTCH CLAY PIPE – Now we have a less expensive alternate to the English
clay pipes shown above. This more delicate style is based on Dutch
patterns from around 1720-1780. Due to the manufacturing method, the
lengths vary roughly from 5 to 6-1/2 inches. #PIPE03 $6.00 each or 3 for
ICE CREEPERS - These were tied to the shoes' instep to keep from slipping on ice. Specimens bearing both English and French markings, as well as unmarked ones, have been excavated from Revolutionary War sites. Hand forged from 1/8 inch thick steel. See SKBK, page 36 and CENC page 162, figures 1 & 2. #ICCR $12.00 pair
LACE & EMBROIDERY SCISSORS - Here we have a nice pair of small, sharp scissors that are correct for the period as to their style, yet are affordable. They are very similar to early designs with the simple sculptured look and are not marred by any markings whatsoever. They are 3 1/2 inches long and made of satin finish steel. #SCS1 $8.00 each
STORK SCISSORS - This item has a very interesting history. The present scissors are descended from umbilical clamps an untold number of years ago. AND their present appeal is that they are modestly priced and work well. They are approximately 3 inches long. #SCS3. - $3.00 each
BRASS THIMBLE - Here we have a simple generic brass thimble, similar to those in everyday household use for hundreds of years. Many have been excavated at 18th century sites, such as Ft. Michilimackinac and Ft. Ligonier. An example very close to the one we offer is shown in CENC, page 239, item 2. #THMBLE $1.50 each
MUFFATEES - These fingerless and palmless hand coverings match descriptions of muffatees as worn by ladies. Ours are 100% knitted white wool, and are in fact British surplus from the 1950’s. Many women find them ideal around the camp, as they give protection to the forearm and back of the hand, while allowing maximum freedom of motion. No size choices, but they are very stretchy. #MUFFTEE $7.00 pair or two pair for $13.00

GLOVES - For those intrepid individuals who insist on going out in the cold, we recommend these fingerless 80% wool knit gloves. Having open fingers, it allows most chores to be handled well, with minimum discomfort. Very stretchy one size fits all style in an off white color. #GLOV1 $9.00 per pair
LEATHER FIRE BUCKET - Colonial houses were required to maintain these buckets for use of early firefighters. Ours are all hand made of very heavy 9-10 oz. black leather with reinforced rim and carrying handle. Approximately 12 inches high. Special order only. See EACF, page 222, figure 277, for examples of fire buckets. #LEFB $150.00 each

BANDALORE - Yes, this is an 18th century (or earlier) toy. Our documentation was found in “The History of the Yo-Yo”. The basic difference is that the loose string loop around the axis is a modern improvement, which we must admit, we have left intact. Ours are made of unfinished hardwood and are about 2-1/4 inches in diameter. #BNDLOR $3.00 each
PAPER MONEY - Add a little pizzazz to your gambling scenario. We offer a superior collection of facsimile colonial currency. The collection consists of 15 pieces of recreated money, printed using three color printing on newly made plates. They are printed on off white paper to give a reasonably accurate look. No more fuzzy photographic copies or one color printing on crispy "aged" paper. There is one bill for each of the original thirteen colonies, plus two Continental pieces. #COLCUR. $3.75 each 15 piece set.
HORN LICE COMB - These combs, approximately 3 1/2 inches long, are made with fine teeth, specifically for getting nits (baby lice) out of one’s hair. The horn is colorful translucent cattle horn. See CENC, page 89, figure 2. #LICEC $6.00 each

HORN POCKET COMB - These handmade cattle horn combs, approximately 4 1/2 inches long, are typical of but one of many styles prevalent in the 18th century. The teeth are coarse by today's standards, being cut one at a time with a saw. See CENC, page 89, figures 1 & 2 for combs of the period. #HPKC $6.00 each
field gear