“TIN” CANTEENS - We now offer canteens made of stainless steel as no tin plate is durable enough to give long time service. Supplied with natural fiber rope (not shown) and wood plug. Two styles of British: crescent or kidney shape. Specifications from excavated specimens from Ft. Ligonier, circa 1756.
British Crescent #CNBCSS or British Kidney #CNBKSS - $28.00 each

MARKET WALLET - Here is a relatively new item that we believe will fill a void for civilians. The wallet is approximately 39 inches long and has a longitudinal 14 inch opening that is hand hemmed. Made of linen fabric, it is simply twisted and thrown over the shoulder for carrying. Ours is based on an original owned by Historic Bethlehem PA. Very good for militia impressions or for casual shopping at your favorite shops. #MARWAL $20.00 each
LEATHER BAG - Sometimes used for a shot pouch, tobacco pouch etc. A handy multi-use item about 4 by 5 inches with a leather thong. Made of soft suede garment leather in various earth shades. Let us know your preferred color and we'll try to oblige. See EACF, page 331, figure 1466. #LEAB $4.00 each

FLINT & STEEL - This was used for fire making in the early days, by striking the flint smartly with the hardened steel, creating a shower of sparks which was caught in the tinder. The steel took many forms, from simple to fancy. For some sample styles, see EACF, page 168. Ours will fit in the tinder box below. Style may vary slightly from the illustration. Several pieces of flint are included. For instructions on how to make fire, there are a number of good descriptions on the Internet. Just use your favorite browser and search for “flint steel firemaking”. #FAST $12.00 each

BRASS TINDER BOX - Here is a beautifully made copy of a box measuring about 2 ¼ by 3 ½ inches. The profile has a slightly rounded appearance. Hinged in back and held closed by a spring catch in the front. See CENC, page 262, figure 5, center. #TBBR $22.00 each
TIN FIFE CASE - This 17 inch long by 3 inch diameter case is based on an illustration on page 44 of SKBK. Has a thin wood divider to separate case contents and keep them from rattling around. Very expertly formed. Note particularly the slightly domed lid top. Furnished with a natural fiber sling. #FIFET $40.00 each
TIN CARTRIDGE CANISTER - At times during the Revolution, leather was scarce, so this 36 round canister was developed for Continental troop use. A handy item for serjeants to use for carrying extra ammunition, it is finished with correct asphaltum varnish. Hemp web sling included. Ref. SKBK, page 31 and CENC, page 66, items 3 & 4. #TCCA $35 each.
DUMMY MUSKET CARTRIDGE - Cutaway construction that facilitates explanations of how a musket cartridge was made. Uses replica newsprint, a lead ball and simulated powder. See CENC, page 13, figures 24 and 25. #DEMC $3.50 each, two for $6.00
PICK & BRUSH - An indispensable tool to clear a musket touch hole and clear the pan, which is worn on a uniform button or attached to a strap. Handmade black horsehair brush, steel pick and brass chain. See SKBK page 32. #PIBR $8.00 each
BRITISH MUSKET TOOL with BORE WIPER - Reenactors of the French & Indian and Revolutionary War periods can now have a good replica of the tools used in cleaning and maintaining their Brown Bess Muskets. Based on excavated samples from Saratoga and Hubbardton, the most up to date research has determined that the third leg of the triangular tool was made with threads to carry the bore wiper safely and to minimize chances of its loss. This tool as shown is made of steel with the threads being
10-32 to match the threads of the bore wiper which is attached. The bore
wiper has a maximum base diameter of 5/8 inch so it will fit smaller .69
calibre bores as well as the standard .75 calibre. # BTOOLC $24.00 each

BORE WIPER - The bore wiper described above can be purchased separately.
#MBW4 $12.00 each

LEAD JAW PAD (SHEATH) - When wrapped around a musket flint, this provides greater stability than the commonly used leather. We offer two styles; the rectangular one is similar to earlier types. The "eared" type is from one in a private collection, dated to the early 19th century. See CENC, page 120, and figure 6. Early style JAP2 $.80 each, late style #JAPA $1.25 each
MUSKET FLINT - We offer TWO styles made from gray English flint, the best available. We offer the standard prismatic form with two sharp edges and the earlier (generally prior to 1780) spall type with a rounded back. See CENC page 121, figures 8 to 12. Prism style #FLMP or Spall style #FLMS $1.50 each or 6 for $8.00
HAMMER STALL - Sometimes called a "frizzen cover" although frizzen is strictly a 19th century term. Another safety device that helps prevent accidental firing of loaded muskets. Ours are handmade of heavy leather with a thong for tying to the trigger guard to prevent loss. Fits all muskets. #MUFC $4.00 each
FLASH GUARD - This is a modern safety device designed to divert musket pan flash upward and away from the person standing immediately to the right of the shooter. Formed of heavy (30 gauge) brass or steel. Brass matches furniture on Brown Bess Muskets, steel matches the French Charleville patterns. Brass #MUFG $5.00 each, steel #MUFS $5.00 each
GENTLEMAN’S PICK & BRUSH - Well, we don’t really know if this was carried by a gentleman, but it is fancy enough. Has hand made brass links and a brass encased brush. Some of the features appear in those examples shown in CENC, page 264, figure1. #PIBR2 $10.00 each
MUSKET CLEANING KIT - A very useful item to help clean muskets in the
field or at home. Consists of two bronze bristle brushes, slotted tip,
ramrod adapter, and a leather bags. Sized for your specific musket.
#MK69 for 69 cal. Charleville; #MKJ5 for 75 cal. Japanese made Brown
Bess; #MKI5 for 75 cal. Italian made Brown Bess; $14.00 each. NOTE: For
a correct 18th century item when the public is around, see our BORE WIPER
MUSKET CASE - Made of heavy woolen blanket fabric in an assortment of patterns and colors, reinforced at the muzzle. Will fit muskets up to 60 inches long. . Let us know your preference as to dominant color and we'll try to match it. #MSCW $14.00 each
LEATHER GARTERS - Essential for holding up stockings under knee britches and adds the finished look when worn with overalls. Made of 5/8 wide by 17 inch long black leather strap with brass buckle. See SKBK, pages 11 and 27. # GARB $8.00pair

HAVERSACK - This item was used primarily to carry a soldiers food
rations, but we all know that modern items sometimes find their way in.
This 14 inch wide by 13 inch high linen haversack is very similar to an
original shown on page 30 of SKBK. Linen is natural unbleached (grayish
color) about 10 ounce fabric. All sewing is by machine to keep the cost
affordable. The three buttons are 7/8 inch diameter cast pewter.
Furnished with a shoulder strap also made of the same fabric. The strap
measures 1-3/4 inches wide by 55 inches long, which should fit the
stoutest person. #HVK2 $19.00 each

NEW INVENTED KNAPSACK-HAVERSACK - That is the way this item was described in a drawing in the Maryland Archives dated 1777. Outer cover is made from red ocher colored canvas while the inner parts are unbleached natural canvas. Size is approximately 13 by 21 inches, with leather straps and solid brass buckles. Many reenactment units use this
item and paint a unit identification on the shell. We can supply your logo silk screened in place with a minimum order of 12. Call or write for details. Contact us for availability on this item. See SKBK page 29. #NIKH $55.00 each
CANTEEN PLUG or STOPPER - We offer this item for persons who have lost their plug or for those folks who find them handy to keep rain out of the muzzle of their musket. This hand turned hardwood plug will fit any canteen with a 3/4 inch opening, be it metal or wood. We have soaked these in mineral oil to minimize swelling, which can sometimes cause plugs to stick fast. #PLUG $1.25 each
FRENCH BAYONET - We have reproduced an accurate representation of a bayonet, circa 1754, which will fit most current production Charleville muskets. One bayonet fits muskets with a top mounted stud, such as that sold by Navy Arms Co. The other will fit bottom mounted studs, such as the Dixie Charleville and the Model 1777 (and later) muskets made in Italy by Pedersoli. See SBAR page 40, figure 27.B Top stud #CVBY, bottom stud #CVBX $62.00 each
BAYONET SCABBARD - Standard earlier French style black leather scabbard, with brass tip and oval stud. Fits both of our above French bayonets. #CYBT $26.00 each. Deduct $8.00 if ordered with bayonet
CARTRIDGE FORMER – For making paper cartridges is made of various hardwoods, 5/8 diameter by 6 inches long. Rounded on one end for making blanks and concave on the other for loading live rounds with musket ball. Instructions are included for making French pattern cartridges. #CARTFM $2.00 each or ten for $10
BRICK DUST - In the 18th century ( and likely long before), brick dust
was commonly used as a polishing medium for metal. Itinerant vendors
sold it house to house in cities such as London. We now have access to
old soft bricks from early row houses which have been razed in
Baltimore. These bricks are pulverized, ground with a mortar and pestle
and finally, put through a sieve to get a uniform consistency. Mix with
water or with sweet oil (olive or any other cooking oil) and make a
paste. We recommend that you keep it in a small container ready for use, such as
polishing knives or muskets. We furnish about three teaspoons full in a
reclosable plastic zip bag and a scrap of fabric, all packaged in a
period looking envelope. #BRKDST $2.00 per packet or 3 for $5.50
field gear