TIN CUP - Handmade to the specifications of an original soldier's cup from the French & Indian War period as shown on page 49, SKBK. Over 1 pint capacity. #TINC $13.00 each. Now, also available in stainless steel. #TINCSS $16.00 each
TIN PLATE - As we have not yet found a satisfactory quality true tin plate product, we have now switched to stainless steel. No longer will you have to anguish over plates that rust after just a few uses. These 9-1/2 inch plates have a deeply dished center with nicely rolled edges. They are much too shiny, so we provide a sheet of fine grit sandpaper, which will do wonders to the finish in about 5 minutes of your time. #TPL9 $8.00 each
“TIN” COFFEE POT - Capacity is almost 3 quarts. Handcrafted of stainless steel to a traditional 18th century style. This larger size is offered specifically for use in a camp where smaller sizes just won't do. #COFPSS $70.00 each
WOOD LADLE - Here is a handy utensil to help serve soup, stew or hot liquid refreshments. Factory made of light colored European wood, about 15 inches long with a bowl a little over 3 inches in diameter. We recommend keeping such items oiled to prevent cracking. Mineral oil is recommended over vegetable oil that can go rancid over time. See EACF, page 207, figure 905 for several ladle styles. #LADL01 $13.00 each
HAND MADE WOOD SPOON - We are pleased to offer hand carved poplar spoons with an oiled finish. Poplar is a light, tight grained wood. These have well defined bowls, unlike machine made spoons. About 8 inches long. See CENC, page 8 bottom for representative spoons like these. #SPONHM $5.00 each
HORN SPOON – Horn has been used for utilitarian objects for thousands of years. The horn from cattle is harvested, heated to soften, and split into workable sheets. These are high quality molded from one piece of cattle horn. These six inch spoons have an infinite variety of colors and markings. Horn is easy to wash, as most foods won't stick to the smooth surface. They should NOT be immersed in hot liquids for extended periods, as they may tend to lose their shape. Soak in cool water overnight yearly to minimize drying and cracking. See page 108 (bottom) of CENC for representative horn spoons. #HOSP $6.00 each
KNIFE & FORK SET – The table setting we offer here it made of carbon steel with genuine white bone handles. The knife is about 9 inches long and the fork is 7 inches long. Such items have been excavated from Ft. Michilimackinac, Michigan, circa 1715 - 1781. See EACF, page 299 for examples of similar tableware. #KAF2 $25.00 per set
TWISTED WIRE FORK - This type of crude fork was apparently in wide use during the Revolutionary period, judging from the quantities excavated from period camp sites. Ours are made in the forge of hot twisted 1/8 inch wire. Points are hammered, not ground, to shape. We have given ours a slight bow to the tines for esthetics. Approximately 7 inches long. See CENC, page 109, figure 19. #TWWF $5.00 each
WOOD PLATE (TRENCHER) - A nicely turned eight inch diameter one piece solid poplar plate with the traditional beaded rim that is so typical of the period. We coat these with mineral oil to prolong longevity and recommend periodic renewal of the coating. See EACF page 227, figure 993 for representative trenchers. #TREP $14.00 each

WOODEN BOWL - 8 inch diameter bowls turned from northern hardwoods such as maple and birch. No markings to mar the authenticity. These are lightly coated with mineral oil so they can be used immediately; make sure to periodically reapply oil to prevent damage and prolong the useful life. DO NOT dry by placing in direct sun. See EACF, page 227,
figure 996. #WB8 $18.00 each
KITCHEN KNIFE - We are now able to offer a knife, which can be used in front of the public without worrying about authenticity. The carbon steel blade is fitted to a distinctive hexagon shaped red painted wood handle. Blade is 7 inches long; overall length is 11 1/2 inches. Ref. EACF, page 216, figure 943 for a similarly shaped knife. These were apparently a significant trade item among Native Americans. #KKN1 $12.00 each

ROLLING PIN - Old traditional style tapered style without handles, which is said gives better control. Made of hardwood (usually beech, maple or ash). Approximately 18 inches long. See EACF page 214, fig. 934. #RPIN $9.00 each.
PEWTER MUG - We offer recycled pewter mugs of various configurations. The illustration is typical of the styles we have in stock. Most of them have glass bottoms and are made in England. If there was any inscription, it has been carefully removed. No major dents or dings. #PMUG $8.00 each

RUST FREE COOK KETTLES - These kettles are based on documented descriptions from sources researched by John U. Rees and Stephen Gilbert. Ours are now constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel, with crimped and soldered seams. (The originals were sheet iron, either tin plated or not). Each is equipped with a tapered hand forged bail (handle) made from quarter inch round steel stock. We offer three sizes that will nest nicely for ease of packing. The sizes are:

10 by 10 ¾ ins., weighs 2 ¾ lbs. and holds 14 qts. #CAMK14 $64.00 each;

8-7/8 by 10-3/8 inches, weighs 2 ¼ lbs. and holds 11 qts. #CAMK11 $59.00 each;

8 by 9-1/2 ins., weight 1 ¾ lbs. and holds 8 qts. #CAMK8 $55 each;

WASH PAN or MILK PAN – An ideal vessel for washing dishes. Ours are made in imitation of old tinplate, but are stainless steel so you will never have to worry about rust. Dimensions are 14 inches across the top, 10 inches across the bottom and 4-1/2 inches deep. Samples of these items can be seen in EACF, page 282, figure 1242. #WASHPAN $48.00 each
SPIDER – (THREE LEGGED SKILLET) Very heavy 9 1/2 inch diameter pan formed from 3/32 inch thick steel, with 6 inch legs and 15 inch handle forged by the blacksmith. Dark burnt oil finish. Well suited to either the campfire or kitchen hearth. See CENC, page 91, figure10. Call for availability. #SPID $60.00
POT SCRUBBER -This very utilitarian tool is made from tightly bound, stiff broom corn. Many people find this works extremely well on cast iron, wood items, etc. This is primitive enough to be at home in any context. #POTS $3.00 each
field gear