TDINGS "TIDINGS FROM THE 18TH CENTURY"- Beth Gilgun. Ms. Gilgun animates the mid to late 1700s with her entertaining and informative "letters" to a friend on the frontier. As an accomplished seamstress and goodwife, she covers topics such as daily life, housekeeping, sewing skills and news of the latest goods available in the East Coast markets. Clothing for men, women and children is thoroughly explained. Clear, concise instructions from choosing the fabric to cutting and sewing the garments. This remarkable book gives well researched information on patterns and techniques to recreate clothing, as well as skills such as cooking, basket making, dyeing, soap making and more. Softcover, 8 by 11 inch format, 277 pages. #TDINGS $32.00 EACH
“ANCIENT CARPENTER’S TOOLS” - Henry C. Mercer was far ahead of his time in the late 19th century when he began collecting and documenting tools of dying and already dead trades. This book illustrates and speaks in detail of all manner of wood working tools, most of which are hand made examples. First published in 1929, this work remains the classic reference. Softcover format, 339 pages. #ANCATO $24.00 each
”COLLECTOR’S ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION” by George C. Neumann & Frank J. Kravic - A great resource for documenting over 2300 artifacts including tools, arms and the more mundane articles of everyday life of the period. If you only have one period reference, this is it. The encyclopedic format lets you focus in on the material culture of both combatants and civilians during the Revolutionary War period. A significant portion of the items collected by the author and illustrated herein are now in the collection on display at the Valley Forge National Park site. 286 pages, 8 by 11 inches, softcover. #CENC - $32.00
”SWORDS AND BLADES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION” by George C. Neumann - A great reference work with illustrations for those who are interested in historic edged weapons, this companion to the book above includes swords, halberds, bayonets, knives, axes and related tools of the trade. Over 700 arms are illustrated and described as Neumann traces the evolution and history of the edged weapons used by both sides in America's war for independence. 280 pages, 9 by 12 inches. Covers European and American weapons. 280 pages 9 X 12 inches, softcover. #SBLA - $32.00 each
"COMMON SENSE" - Thomas Paine's epic publication putting forth his rationale supporting the revolution. Every American soldier should have a copy in his knapsack to show support for the cause. Our copies are from the original printed in Philadelphia in 1776. Hand stitched 80 pages on antique look paper. Size is 5 by 8 inches. #CMSNS $9.00 each
“LIVING HISTORY, DRAWING ON THE PAST” - Cathy (Kate) Johnson. A wonderfully illustrated book for living historians using data from both primary and secondary sources. Equipments of the scientist, writer, artist, householder and more are addressed. Soft cover, 134 pages, 5-1/4 x 8-1/4 inch format #DRAWPA $12.00 each
“THE BACKCOUNTRY HOUSEWIFE” - by Kay Moss & Kathryn Hoffman. Early American foods from the simplest meal to the most elegant, gleaned from unpublished handwritten cookery books surviving the past two centuries. Instructions for recreating approximately two hundred 18th century recipes. Soft cover format, 152 pages with illustrations in a lay flat binding. #BAKCHW $14.50 each
“WHATEVER SHALL I WEAR?: A Guide to Assembling a Woman’s Basic 18th Century Wardrobe” By Mara Riley, with illustrations by Cathy (Kate) Johnson. Lavishly illustrated with both 18th century cuts and large, clear drawings, many gleaned from period paintings and drawings. Detailed close up drawings of many of the subjects covered, touches on clothing from early century to the Regency/Federal period.
Included you will find: Fabric Choices, Basic Stitches, Colors and The Use of Fabric, Shift, Petticoat, Pockets, Stays and Jumps, Bed Gown, Short Gown, Jacket, Gown, Apron, Handkerchief, Cap, Hat, Shoes, Stockings and Garters, Cloak and Mitts, Makeup and Hair Styles, Jewelry,
Ethnic French, Germans, Scots and Irish. Recommended Reading, Patterns, Sutlers or Merchants, Fabric Sources and On-line Resources. Large 8 by 11 inch format, 56 pages. #WHATSHAL $12.50 each
"VON STEUBEN'S DRILL MANUAL" - Officially called "Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States". The manual was first approved by Congress in 1779. This facsimile of the version of 1794 contains updates, mainly in that there are illustrations of maneuvers and camp set ups which were missing in the first edition. Soft cover 5-1/2 by 8 inch format. #VONSTEU - $8.50 each
GEORGE NEUMANN - Early American antique country furnishings: Northeastern Americ"EARLY AMERICAN ANTIQUE COUNTRY FURNISHINGS" This was the final book by the late George Neumann. In over 2100 photos, he addresses items found in ordinary homes from 1650 to 1800. Some categories are: woodenware, looking glasses, games and playthings and 18 others. A wonderful addition to the library of those seeking to properly equip historic properties for public visitation. This book is now out of print, but we have a limited supply of used books in both hardback and soft cover. The book has gone through several publishers, so  the cover you get may not match the one illustrated. Soft cover #EACF - $20 each: Hardback #EAAF - $25 each
“FITTING & PROPER” by Sharon Ann Burnston -  AVAILABLE AGAIN after being out of print for too long. Over 40 original garments of the Chester County, PA, historical society are described and photographed in detail. This book addresses an entire American collection of 18th century clothing of  ordinary folk, rather than than that of upper class or the military.  Most items are shown in graphed patterns for ease of reproducing your own copies. Invaluable to historic interpreters and reenactors. Large 9 by 12 inch format, 122 pages. An affordable softcover version, now in it's second edition. #FANP - $30.00
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